City Green – Manchester Green Party newsletter. Copies from 1987 to 1992

The Working Class Movement Library is a fantastic place (does precisely what it says on the tin). It’s in Salford, about 20 minutes cycle from where I currently live with one wife, three cats and several thousand (10? 15?) books.

Last June I went on a bit of an archive binge at the WCML, tracking down their environment/ecology holdings (these are a minor part of the collection, which is mostly about unions, parties etc).

Among the fruits of my labours (see what I did there) was some issues of the Manchester Green Party.

The current MGP folks (see website here) have, as copyright holders, kindly given their permission to me to post these. So I’ve turned the jpegs into searchable pdfs, and here they are, as a data dump. I will be coming back to these as I write various academic articles over the coming weeks and months…

1987 08 city green
1988 city green australia
1988 05 city green
1988 07 city green
1989 04 city green
1989 05 city green
1989 12 city green
1990 04 city green
1990 05 city green
1990 06 city green
1990 08 city green
1991 01 city green
1991 03 city green
1991 05 city green
1991 07 city green
1991 11 city green
1991 12 city green
1992 02 city green
1992 03 city green
1992 06 city green

If you have material (missing issues) and other stuff from the time, or earlier, or later, and are willing to allow me to photograph it and put it online, please do get in touch –

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