TISWAS always the sociotechnical transitions framework I should have gotten to grips with. #BetterLate and all that… #IndustrialDecarbonisation

So, I am, as per my last post, less ignorant about my ignorance. As far as I can see, through a glass darkly and all that…

And I think that the most important bit of ignorance that I should do something about in the short-term, is on Technological Innovation Systems (see handy wikipedia entry here).

So, gonna try to do some reading (see below) AND make a video (There are, as best I can tell, only two about TIS, according to Youtube, and both of these are zooms of webinars.

Markard J. and Truffer, B. 2008. Technological innovation systems and the multi-level perspective: Towards an integrated framework. Research Policy 37 596–61524/10 Done, excellent.
Markard, J., Hekkert, M and Jacobsson, S. 2015. The technological innovation systems framework: Response to six criticisms. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 16, 76–86
Gosens et al. 2015. The role of transnational dimensions in emerging economy: Technological Innovation Systems for clean-tech. Journal of Cleaner Production Volume 86, Pages 378-388
Skoczkowski et al. 2020. Technology innovation system analysis of decarbonisation options in the EU steel industry. Energy 212
Nevzorova, T. and Karakaya, E. 2020. Explaining the drivers of technological innovation systems: The case of biogas technologies in mature markets. Journal of Cleaner Production 259 12081
Markard, J. 2020. The life cycle of technological innovation systems. Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Volume 153, 119407
Alco Kieft, Joeri Wesseling , Lea Fuenfschilling , Marko Hekkert. 2021. How global socio-technical regimes affect the success of low carbon innovation – The case of the industrial heat pump

and then, well, make that video…

Oh, and TISWAS? An obscure 70s/80s reference, for oncce…

Tiswas is a British children’s television series that originally aired on Saturday mornings from 5 January 1974 to 3 April 1982…

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