Keeping the balls in the air, literally

For the last three months I have been teaching myself to juggle.

Extremely soothing, when you are “in the flow.”

I would not have got anywhere without the great “Taylor tries” videos, which, if you want to learn to juggle, you should definitely check out.

I’ve got a bunch of the three ball basics – cascade, reverse cascade, columns, windmills, juggler’s tennis and a couple of others. My Mills Mess is a mess, my takeouts haven’t arrived and I haven’t quite folded the box.

Meanwhile, I’ve (perhaps foolishly) been trying to get four ball cascades as a thing. It’s been, as you’d expect, slow progress, but today I got definitively into double figures twice (14 and 12).

I reckon more specific warm-ups (I do generic ones and then some specifics, but perhaps not enough), and only practicing one trick in any given “learn new trick” session (obviously there also need to be “consolidate existing trick” sessions and “just fart about without trying to learn anything new” sessions.

Will blog more on this, and maybe even make a video or two.

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