The other shoe drops – a week’s lockdown begins. Day 12/67

Not much to report! Got up, took my skipping rope, resistance bands and juggling balls to the local oval. Spent too long learning how to do two up one down (Juggling trick) and probably not enough on upper body strength. Dodged rain. Came back, worked on an article. Read some of a very funny satire called 2028 (will finish and review).

Doom-watched the various announcements – and yes, of course South Australia is heading into a one week lockdown. It was always going to end this way. If it “ends” with this. As I said on Twitter- are we clever enough, are we lucky enough to get to the “other side”. While we wait for vaccine salvation…

Simply watched too much empty news around this – it’s like eating empty calories when you don’t know what to do with yourself. Info addiction, food addiction, whatever – all cravings on steroids when you feel stripped of control…

Still, blessings always being counted – roof over head, fun rabbit in backyard, ideas to develop and write up, health, contact with various friends and wives (well, just the one wife: amazing). Am way way WAY ahead of most of the world’s population, and have not really done anything to deserve that position. So it goes.

Tomorrow – a walk within the parameters of the new 2.5km limit – I was planning to do long loopy walks, but, well, no battleplan survives contact with the enemy and all that…I will load up the backpack into the low 30s in terms of kilos…

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