The promise of echidnas, Scarlett on fire, the sniff of a job: Day 11/67

I strapped on a mere 25kgs of bricks and weights (up to 30kg next time though) and schlepped and slogged due south. Through an arboretum and then up a hill (this is the key bit) past various research facilities for wine and plant genomics etc). It got steepish when I turned around, but in future, as long as the entire damn state is not in Lockdown because of Delta, I will be back, with my camera, for the echidnas and the kangaroos. And possibly the snakes (waves at Cameron).

Got home, (downhill is more fun than uphill, but isn’t gonna help me shift the lard) while doing more talking to myself about public meetings (more on that later) and thinking that there are going to be three kinds of walks –

  • sheer distance (10km is now too easy – need to head back up to 25km)
  • hill walks (which will mostly what I did today, only with more reps on the hilly bit – from 5 reps up to 10 reps, or even more if I am feeling particularly a) youthful b) masochistic
  • speed walks in preparation for the appointed day (of which more another time).

Got a bit of work done on a website (more later) before my mother and I went off to see Black Widow. We were the only people in the shopping mall/cinema with masks on, though that will change after today (cinemas will be closed for one). The film was a hoot.

Back here to watch the announcement of the tier 4 restrictions, and learn a new juggling trick.

And to start serious preparations for a job interview on Friday, with thanks to a friend for some tips. The other thing that I’ve realised is worth doing is to turn the idea of an article about the transactional analysis of public meetings into an actual article/working paper by this time tomorrow…. Stretch targets and all that. But I jotted down thoughts after yesterday’s experience at the Festival of Ideas, and wittered to myself this morning. It’s worth doing, anyhows…

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