Excruciatingly banal/smug, but I got some work done anyway…. Day 10/67

Actually got up early(ish), packed the relevant fitness kit in a daggy backpack and schlepped over to the lovely Unley Oval. Did some … skipping (I know, I know) – my cardio-fitness is not what it will be. Got some upper body stuff done too. Shower and then watched “Insiders”. Tried to zone out the execrable Baanaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister. There was some talk of the “net zero by 2050” goal, where BJ (as dim and smug as the UK BJ) has apparently changed his tune. None of the journalists said “yeah, we’ve been in this idiotic cycle of promises and no delivery since 1990 or so. It’s not gonna change and we are all gonna fry.” Because that’s not what journalists can comprehend, is it?

Did a quick bit of work before heading off (via bus- too idle to walk) to the last day of the “Festival” of “Ideas.” The first session was truly woeful. Just because it’s the opposite of a manel, does’t mean it is any good. Content-free smug wiffle, poorly facilitated (10 mins of an hour for questions? Seriously?) , but at least I got some work done… (come equipped/Be Prepared, as Tom Lehrer advised).

Did some juggling – have realised it’s a really good way of soothing myself. I am not very good, so have to pay attention/concentrate just on my hands. It empties me of my scorn/bluster/resentment whatever. Or suppresses them for a bit, in any case.

The second session I went to, ah, I so wanted it to be good. And it was okay, and I do think that there are definitely (many many) times when whitey should STFU&Listen. But if that is what you are doing, then say it, don’t pretend that there will be time for a Q and A which is going to end up being one and a half questions in the “last” 5 minutes of an over-run 60. Problems in it were structural rather than personal. The individual speakers were all interesting/insightful. But there were 150 guilty rich white people there, who could have been galvanised, if the whole thing had been framed around “so, you think you’re a decent white ally? Nope…”.

Met up with a friend for a natter/gossip at the Exeter on Rundle Street, over a couple of Coopers. #ThisIsTheLife. Now home. gonna have to do some website building, blogging, etc…

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