Quarantine Day 14 – I made it, sanity mostly intact

Tomorrow I leave this room that has been “home” for 14 and a half days. I will be escorted to the ground floor, collect a piece of paper, show it to the cops, and then out into the world (all the while with a mask on). I will be collected by my mother and then we drive to the real world (leafy south Adelaide).

I’ll write something tomorrow about the whole experience (second time on this rodeo) and my advice to future self. For now, the final day:

I woke in time to see Mr Federer get marmalized (bagelled, in fact). I did some work and a job application while waiting for the sportsball to start. Without having seen it, it sounds very much like the penalty was, ah, generously awarded… Am glad am not in England for the hysteria.

Typed up my Introduction to Anthropology blog post.

Did some exercise (that has been important in keeping me relatively okay – an important lesson there).


Slept for an hour, needed it.

More work.

A bit of Climate Emergency Manchester stuff – the Strawberry Snapshot thing is coming together nicely. My colleague Marion is invaluable in all this.

An interesting (for me at least) interview on my thoughts on climate emergencies, with the student of a good friend of mine.

Dinner in the midst of that – the food has been uniformly excellent.

The Good Fight, with Princess Bride alumni Mandy Patinkin and Wallace Shawn (but not in the same scene). Also, Gary Cole in his recurring supporting role. It’s whip-smart, just the wrong side of arch and knowing it is whip-smart. Christine Baranski is the keystone, but there are no passengers.

Knackered. Waking early to do final packing. Then freedom…

Those meals, to finish with a tradition.

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  1. Congratulations for making it through your two week isolation. I have (yesterday) been signed off at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and, when I get my new pair of specs, I should be able to see you more clearly when, and if, you return to Manchester. Have an enjoyable vacation!

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