Quarantine Day Six: timey-wimey and vaccine backflips

Sigh. Sleep patterns back to square two or three.

And THEN I managed to get my timezones out by an hour, so the meeting I thought I was getting to early?… was just finishing. All was not lost, but v. annoying.

Did a bunch of grunt work after that, somewhat sleep deprived. Then got my second wind and did a “Shut Up and Write” with an Adelaide friend. I wrote (for 45 minutes only) on the first of the academic articles I want to push out the door very soon indeed, and made good progress.

After that I was somewhat knackered mentally, so the second session wasn’t writing but all the other mundane invisible labour that goes into producing a paper. Also hunted down a couple of useful resources and started work on tidying up an interview.

At some point in all this (it’s hazy, though only hours ago) I saw that Morrison has done this idiotic thing around the AstraZeneca vaccine (I’ve had 2 shots of it, no problems whatsoever). He’s grasping at straws. Totally and completely out of his depth. As bad as Trump and Johnson…. Sigh.

Stopped my exercise (I love theraband) to watch the South Australian press conference. Am not exactly enamoured of the LNP, and I am sure Steven Marshall is presiding over all sorts of nonsense, but his performance at this on COVID was super good. Was that totally knobbish male journo who I think it was? The one whose son called him a dog-fucker? Probably. Marshall kept his cool. I like his tactic of letting the questioner go uninterrupted – he’s clearly had some good media training and passed the test. The chief medical officer, Prof Spurrier, gave a good account of herself too. We will see how our luck holds…

This arvo had to sleep for a couple of hours. Probably not helping the longer-term, but there you have it. Indexed a few more issues of The Magpie, did other grunt work too, firtled around in the history of the Young Liberals.

Then another timezone foul-up and I missed most of a good lecture on “Shifting political power in an era of electricity decentralization”.

I then live-tweeted most (until my brain went on strike) of Ben Sovacool’s “The ethics and justice dimensions of low-carbon transitions” which had pointers to many many articles I need to at the very least skim.

So, almost half way into the quarantine. Sleep patterns will, I think, slowly stabilise.

South Australia is not (yet) locked down, though everyone is holding their breath (as I do when I open the door to the outside world to collect food). Haven’t got my test result back yet…

Haven’t been as productive or organised as the silly fantasies that ignored the planning fallacy, but neither has it been a complete wipe-out. I am building slightly better organisational habits, I think, getting some stuff done…

Oh, here’s breakfast lunch and dinner- all delish.

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