Quarantine Day Five: (non)Métro, Boulot, Dodo

It’s Day Five in the Big Bother house, and the contestants are settling into a routine.

Got some proper Dodo last night, or rather, lay in bed and dodoed intermittently and when it seemed like I wasn’t going to dodo I resisted the urge to get up and tap away at this lap top like 100 monkeys with a script for Hamlet.

Got up at 7ish. Did some idle surfing and some work.

Did a proposal for The Magpie, and sent it to the people who can make the good stuff happen. We shall see.

Started work on a job application for a rare academic job – one that a) I can do b) I want to do and c) I have a plausible-ish chance of actually getting. Or at least being short-listed for.

Spent some time on Twitter.

Read the WRONG article (god it was tedious). Then read the right article. Doh.

Did some thinking and writing for a project – criteria for what is going to get looked at first (because we don’t have the resources to look at everything at once (or possibly ever).

Did some washing and hanging out of clothes

Changed bed linen (highlight of my day)

Submitted to more swabbing. Results tomorrow I guess. If I am infected, blood tests and turfing. I am probably not infected.

Fielded not one but two calls from the police (it’s as busy as Moss Side).

Was sent fantastic photos of Ella (named for Ella Baker) by the fantastic Wife.

Just now did a fabulous interview with a friend of a friend. He was able to add some crucial context for one of the academic articles I hope to have submitted by the time I leave lockdown in another 9 days time…

Here’s breakfast lunch and dinner.

There’s other stuff I did. I have forgotten it. Brain fog – 16 months of The New Times, jetlag and being in the same room for 5 days is, hypothetically, having an effect on my short-term… what’s that thing called again – when you can store events from before and… oh, I don’t know.

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