Quarantine Day Four – barely a thing to report (unsurprisingly)

The French philosopher Blaise Pascal said that all of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. Well, I’m testing that hypothesis. It’s going… well, I think.

Crap sleep last night, of course. Found myself waking at midnight and just going with the flow, did a couple of hours of work (some of it work work, some of it busy work). Found myself awake again at 6am, got up and did some more. Also did an upper-body work out with the theraband that I brought with me, and had a quick research on the British and US Army Fitness tests, which I will try to complete upon my (eventual) release. Some of the stuff (yomping with 40kg) I am pretty confident I can do because of my Alex Park adventures.

So, food remains top notch

The naked guys in the forest because of the deer was a highlight of my morning, tbh.

Public health checks remain refreshingly brief (tomorrow I get to crouch again, while someone sticks cotton buds in orifices, having checked my passport). Highlight of my day, it will be.

Police check remains telephone only (someone must have realised that going along a corridor asking multiple people to open their doors might not be the BEST way to prevent an airborne disease from spreading).

Watched the press conference of the SA Public Health top bod and the Premier on… Sky News. Had shower afterwards.

Had lovely zoom calls with UK-based folks (including The Wife). There’s a few hours where that is doable for everyone. Also a call with someone who has lived through the Melbourne lockdowns.

Did some more work,.

Gonna lie there and stare at the (dark) ceiling tonight, if am wide awake at midnight.

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