Quarantine Day Three – Saturday Night and Sunday morning. And day time.

It’s getting easier. My body clock is, despite what an objective observer might say, tumbling into fewer and fewer grooves in search of the Right One. And given that this is not my first time on this rodeo, I’m getting into better grooves on work too.

Now, if there could just be a non-locked-down Adelaide to emerge into. But this Delta variant is probably well beyond the Sydney lockdown, looking over its spiky shoulders saying “so long, suckers, see you in the City of Churches.”

Not to catastrophise or anything.

So here’s pictures of Breakfast, (scrambled eggs, mushrooms and hashbrowns etc) Lunch (noodles and spring rolls) and Dinner (roast squash and trimmings, profiteroles)

I watched Insiders this morning – depressing af. I blogged it here.

I watched a cracking 1950s supernatural thriller called “The Night My Number Came Up” with a young and dishy Denholm Elliot in a key role about the premonition of a plane crash. Tightly written and beautifully acted. Lots of characters clearly scared by the war, but unable to talk about it (shades of one of my favourite novels, Nevil Shute’s Requiem for a Wren).

I took a call from reception – COVID test negative – whoop! Means nothing more than a) I don’t get shunted to PlagueVille and b) I can put rubbish out and get fresh sheets on Tuesday.

I took a call from the police. They’re clearly not doing the face-to-face banging on the door to get “visual confirmation” that you’ve not done a runner thing anymore. It was an irritant last year, and it seems they have realised the security value [actually the arse-covering value] is outweighed by all the doors that have to be opened and closed. Because, you know, aerosols and droplets.

I read a couple of more articles in Arena, including a great one by Clinton Fernandes on the possibility of Chinese military action against Taiwan and the underlying rationale for it. See also the Crikey stuff about Witness K and East Timor. East Timor was my big pre-Chomsky moment for realising the game is properly rigged, y’all.

Call from the public health, dealt with in 30 seconds (no physical symptoms, no mental health issues, by).

Some work!

Watched the evening news- Sydney etc into lockdown for two weeks. Western Australia doing a 48 hour one so the contact tracers don’t get overwhelmed. South Aus closing borders to everywhere except Tasmania with more restrictions to come. It’s a bit like that scene in 28 weeks later when all the people who survived the first zombie apocalypse are in a “protected zone” and zombification happens anyway…

Nowt else to report. I am now almost a quarter of the way through this quarantine. Not that I am wishing my life away…

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