White nationalist myths- who sees them, who’s “allowed” to say anything (aka “Typical Church ‘leadership’ cowardice”)

Back when white nationalism was more mainstream (I mean before the Trump resurgence, I mean, back in the period up to the partial moral awakening that was the 1960s) there was a phrase for people of colour who didn’t know their place. “Uppity…” well you can fill in the rest. “Uppity” – as in – “stay in your lane”“do what you are told” – “we will let you live/play football/whatever for us as long as you don’t say a word out of turn.” And the advantage here – as we saw with the Adam Goodes situation (Goodes is an indigenous athlete who played Australian Rules Football who decided he had taken enough crap) – is that when a person of colour DOES speak up, those who wish to silence him/her, can point to other people of colour who are “tolerated” (oh, such a word!) who don’t speak up and are not attacked as examples of how they are not racist, and the system is not racist. It’s farcical, but it suits their needs to see themselves as somehow rational/moral. Of course, those best placed to SEE white nationalism, its means, its consequences, are those on the pointy end of it. But they are also the least likely to be able to speak up about it without a staggering backlash. Because they are “uppity.” Where is this coming from? Well, a trainee priest, Jarel Robinson-Brown, tweeted “The cult of Captain Tom is a cult of White British Nationalism. I will offer prayers for the repose of his kind and generous soul, but I will not be joining the ‘National Clap’.” This is an ENTIRELY sensible and reasonable position. So of course, the sky fell in and the Church of England “leadership” promptly threw him under the bus. and “washed their hands of him” (to choose a phrase entirely at random.) What would Jesus do? I doubt he’d have thrown Robinson-Brown under the bus…. If he doesn’t like it, he shouldn’t be so, well… uppity. Folks with long memories may remember the racist pile on a few years ago when an Australian commentator, Yasmin Abdel-Mageid who also happens to be a Muslim and a woman of colour, pointed out some basic facts about uses to which the cult of the ANZAC was being put. She was basically hounded out of the country, after government ministers and Murdoch media handed out digital pitchforks. If she doesn’t like it, she shouldn’t have been so, well… uppity. If we white people want to be quarter-way decent allies, the very least we can do is call this behaviour out when we see it, and raise our voices too about the horrors of white nationalism.

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