1973-5 warnings on #climate change #auspol

We were warned a very long time ago about climate change.  I don’t mean by the IPCC. I don’t even mean by James Hansen (bless him).  The warnings were there by the mid-1970s about what might be on the way.

In 1973, in the very first issue of Habitat carried an article by

W. Strauss (Clean Air, Options for the Future, 1, 1, pp.13-15.)

Here’s a screengrab-

1973 clean air strauss article page 15.JPG

The following year Habitat had an article devoted to the topic:

Mainwaring, S. 1974. Carbon Dioxide- Catalyst for Climate Change. Vol 2, 3, pp.20-22.

In 1974 John Coulter (later to be a Senator for the Democrats)\

1975 considerations coal coulter tcpa

Coulter, J.  1975. Considerations surrounding a decision to build another Coal Fired Power Station in Northern Spencer Gulf.  TCPA Newsletter no 45 , pp. 1-11.

And then there’s this, by  J. Bockris, J. Energy sources in a post-industrial society. again in the TCPA newsletter, from I think early 1976

1975 bockris in tcpa on coal climate

1975 bockris in tcpa on coal climate 2.JPG

We knew. Or should have.  We blew it. So it goes….

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