On anxiety, social class and who feels comfortable at “top-down” meetings

On anxiety, social class and who feels comfortable at “top-down” meetings

Published on 15 Dec 2013

Some not quite fully thought through speculations. As well as social class, of course, there’s gender, ethnicity, age, ideology to put into the mix. But as an initial stab at answering the question “why are people content to continue with formats that encourage and enforce passivity, even when they proclaim the importance of activity and participation?”, then it will do. For now.

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  1. Interesting ideas! You might like this conference ‘manual’:

    “The conference has managed to become pervasive in practically every aspect of culture in the western world. It’s like a virus. Or a meme. Whenever a group of people share an interest or a philosophy, whenever they want to promote a subject, advance a field, establish an organisation or an idea, the conference is The Thing To Do. ”

    “Even if everyone you talk to is unhappy, too, the conference might still serve a purpose that is difficult to see. Maybe it is an affirmative action to confirm a hierarchy or an organisation. Sometimes the important parts happen in back rooms and you and me are not invited. It might be a vehicle to create publicity. Often enough the mere existence of a conference already constitutes its success — it shows that the topic is relevant. The conference might put a topic on the map for the first time. In these cases what actually happens at the conference is a secondary concern.”

    View at Medium.com

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