Doomed, I tell you – 2014 video

Deliberately ranty (!) and necessarily short presentation to second year geography students at University of Manchester on Thurs 27th November 2014

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  1. I’m always struck, at environmental talks/rallies/events around here, at the demographic. It appears that everyone interested in reversing or mitigating this thing is going to be dead before it gets really bad. The young? Just not engaged.

  2. Misc. annotation:

    movie: The Age of Consequences

    Bill McKibben‏ @billmckibben

    Eye-Opening” #climatechange film @AoConsequences on @iTunes now – – from the directors of Do The Math and Disruption

    About the Movie

    The Hurt Locker meets An Inconvenient Truth, THE AGE OF CONSEQUENCES investigates how climate change impacts resource scarcity, migration, and conflict through the lens of US national security and global stability.Whether a long-term vulnerability or sudden shock, the film unpacks how water and food shortages, extreme weather, drought, and sea-level rise function as accelerants of instability and catalysts for conflict.Left unchecked, these threats and risks will continue to grow in scale and frequency, with grave implications for peace and security in the 21st century.

  3. Misc. annotation:

    After 25 years of trying, why aren’t we environmentally sustainable yet?
    April 2, 2017 3.29pm EDT

    Michael Howes
    Michael Howes is a Friend of The Conversation.

    Associate Professor in Environmental Studies, Griffith University
    Environmental Sustainability: A Case of Policy Implementation Failure?

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