Activists, Bernardi, Refugees + much else – January in #Climate History

The All Our Yesterdays project is doing (at least) a blog post a day to show that the climate policy battles of today are repeats/mash-ups of the last thirty years. We have always been ignoring the scientists, blowing hot and cold on carbon pricing, blowing hot and cold on support for renewables, pretending mother nature isn’t getting mildly irked etc etc.

Each blog post lists one main thing (captured in the title) but most blog posts also have other events from other years (this is especially true after January, which is traditionally a slow month in Australian politics).

If you have any events that happened on days in future months, let me know, via the comments on this page. Happy to hear other comments to (but I don’t feed trolls).

Jan 1, 2003- NSW ‘Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme’ implemented

Jan 2, 1995 – Carbon tax on the cards, says BCA boss…

Jan 3, 1992 – Greenpeace vs POTUS on Climate Change

Jan 4, 1995 Liberals say planting trees beats a carbon price…

Jan 5, 2006 – Labor MPs release climate refugees paper ‘Our Drowning Neighbours’

Jan 6, 1995 – Business says ‘other nations are doing little, so should Australia’

Jan 7, 2013 – Frontline Action on Coal activist sends out spoof ANZ press release…

Jan 8, 2013 – Prime Minister Gillard connects heatwave and climate change

Jan 9, 1995 – Efficiency is better than a tax, says business. Of course.

Jan 10, 2011- flooding hits Queensland

Jan 11, 2008 – NSW Minerals Council tells industry to sell sustainability

Jan 12, 2006 – Protests at “AP6” talks in Sydney

Jan 13, 2009 – Aborigines to feel climate shift the most

Jan 14, 2006 – Scientist asks IPA if it supports *any* regulation…

Jan 15, 1990 – Liberal Party feels it got shafted

Jan 16, 2006 – Liberal Treasurer supports a carbon price. Or does he?

Jan 17, 1995 – Economic ministries throw their weight around on carbon tax…

Jan 18, 1993 – ‘Greens Jobs in Industry Plan’ of ACTU and ACF…

Jan 19, 2016- outgoing chief scientist says tougher greenhouse targets inevitable

Jan 20, 2010- Greens propose a tax to salvage the CPRS car crash

Jan 21, 2014 – Government legislates against further temperature increases

Jan 22, 1992 – “greenhouse action will lead to poorhouse” warning

Jan 23, 2013- Australian coal mining versus the planet….

Jan 24, 1989 – Greenhouse is not simply an energy issue says Resources Minister

Jan 25, 1995 – greenhouse and electricity reform policies battle. Greenhouse loses…

Jan 26, 1989 – “Hole in the Greenhouse” reports the Canberra Times

Jan 27, 2009 – Cory Bernardi launches ‘Thank God for Carbon’

Jan 28, 1992 – Ros Kelly admits it’s a long way to Toronto

Jan 29, 2004 – Skeptic author John Daly dies

Turnbull, #climate and the National Press Club #auspol

Jan 30, 1989 -coal might get restricted?!

Jan 31, 2009 – Australia’s first Climate Action Summit begins…


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