Isn’t it macaronic? #wordsIdidntknow

macaronic ˌmakəˈrɒnɪk/
adjective 1. denoting language, especially burlesque verse, containing words or inflections from one language introduced into the context of another.
noun 1. macaronic verse, especially that which mixes the vernacular with Latin.

As in Private Eye’s Pig Latin Honorary Degrees, or the late Miles Kington‘s Let’s Parler Francais…

anabasis ‎(plural anabases)
A military march up-country, especially that of Cyrus the Younger into Asia.
(obsolete) The first period, or increase, of a disease; augmentation.
Antonyms catabasis, katabasis

Clamant ˈkleɪm(ə)nt,ˈklam-/ urgently demanding attention.

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