Women talking>30% = dominating…

Is anyone actually surprised?

Don’t know where I grabbed this from, but Dale Spender (not Spencer) is way cool. I saw her on tellie in the late 80s or early 90s and thought ‘you’re smart, and you are dismantling the sexist idiot next to you on the panel.’ Read one of her books, possibly Man Made Language?

Ah, wait, have googled and found this, which casts major doubt on Spender’s work…

The point is, yes it is often the case that men speak more, but it hurts us to oversimplify to these outdated understandings of gender relations. It’s a disservice to us, science, and to all non-binary peeps if we keep existentialist notions of language and gender alive.

If you have questions/want sources hit me up I live for this shit

also @linguisten @allthingslinguistic if y’all have anything to add

Thanks for all the additional research! I’m just going to signal boost this.




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