Buy popcorn stocks! Next year of #Australian #climate politics = HILARITY/BLOOD #auspol

Read this and weep (with laughter)

Australia’s electricity and gas transmission industry is calling on the Turnbull government to implement a form of carbon trading in the national electricity market by 2022 and review the scope for economy-wide carbon pricing by 2027.

Energy Networks Australia warns in a new report examining how to achieve zero net carbon emissions by 2050 that policy stability and regulatory certainty are the key to delivering lower power prices and reliable electricity supply.

While Tony Abbott once characterised carbon pricing as a wrecking ball through the Australian economy, the new report, backed by Csiro, says adopting an emissions intensity scheme is the least costly way of reducing emissions, and could actually save customers $200 a year by 2030.

From here

The CSIRO Malcolm Turnbull, currently Prime Minister of Australia (at time of writing; please check against delivery)  could ignore, but the industry itself?!

Showdown time with Kelly, Christnensen and the other Minchin-ites….

The next year of climate politics in Australia is going to be HILARIOUS

Buy popcorn stocks!!!
My money is on Frydenberg.  What odds do I get?

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