You cannot be Serres-ist?! Baal and the Challenger explosion

Okay, I will admit to being prejudiced.  Or rather, having encountered a certain group and then unfairly tarred’em all with the same brush.
And that group is….  late 20th century French “philosophers”.  I read a bit of Fucko, couldn’t get into Derrida, liked bits of Virilio… a bit of Auge, but decided to leave Badiou, Ranciere, Serres and that crowd alone because I was sick of the word-spinning.  Obvs am reading Latour and Callon, and understanding v. little…

I was told by a smart friend the other day to give Ranciere a go. Meanwhile, just stumbled on this.  I have an ongoing fascination with the ways the Challenger disaster can be thought with, and the book “Statues” is now available in translation. Soooo… (after the thesis)



From Serres and Latour, Conversations on Science, Culture and Time

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