My “Three Minute Thesis” effort on #climate

Here’s my performance in the University of Manchester final of “Three Minute Thesis.” (Thank you very much to the organisers – and the training we received was fab).

I did okay but on reflection,  I tried to do too much – a history of climate science and policy, an explanation of issue lifecycle models, AND the Australian Coal industry’s responses.  I had one second left; without the pauses, I’d have been able to get in the concluding “climate change is about to wipe the stupid grin off everyone’s face” line better.  Still would not have won – the winner did a brilliant job, and thoroughly deserved her win.


NB In three minutes you have to make some blunt claims.  I’d be uncomfortable saying the Australian Coal Industry as a whole funded climate denialists in an academic paper, for example, though individuals and some actors within it certainly have.  Three minutes is not long…



2 thoughts on “My “Three Minute Thesis” effort on #climate

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  1. I’d also say that to this kind of audience you probably didn’t need to start at quite such a low baseline of knowledge about what climate change is (the ‘blanket bit’ at the start).

    1. Yes. The reason it was in there was the entire last sentence was “Before we get smug, that carbon dioxide blanket is thickening, disasters are quickening. Climate change is about to wipe the stupid grin off everyone’s face.” But I didn’t talk fast enough!

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