Nice slideshow about denial industry from UCUSA

A 42-slide extravaganza exposing (some) of the mechanics of climate denial in the US.

The trouble in Manchester is not outright “denial” but the obsession with inward investment and the horrific culture of the Labour Party.  So it goes…

One thought on “Nice slideshow about denial industry from UCUSA

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  1. Remember Stringer and Leese are ex-teachers, so they must know what they are talking about? Leese went to the USA as an exchange teacher, and came back with nonsense USA economic theories. The theory that, if you build offices, hotels, retail units and expensive dwellings, the vacuum these properties cause will suck in businesses and professional high achievers. As we Mancunians, are obviously not capable of being anything but being benefit cheats, drug-dealers and prostitutes.
    As the saying goes, ‘Those that can, do. Those cannot, teach. And those who cannot teach become politicians’.

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