From smugosphere to inkosphere

The inkosphere is “that place where people dive into words, concepts, theories and splash about, the size and sound of the splashes becoming the measure of all things.”

It kinda overlaps with the smugosphere – I’ll do a Venn diagram some day.

The smugosphere? – “is not a place you’ll find on a map. It’s a state of mind: it’s the place where deeds are done not so much because they might actually have a positive effect on the world but because they will raise the status or self-esteem of the person/group doing them.”

See excellent Daily Mash articles: “think pieces better than action.” And notes towards a theory of ignorance (not quite as funny, but perhaps more edifying!)


“Words words words” Hamlet

Knowledge is like a sphere, the greater its volume, the larger its contact with the unknown. —Blaise Pascal

“By understanding many things, I have accomplished nothing” (Door veel te begrijpen, heb ik niets bereikt). Grotius‘ last words

“Philosophers have always tried to understand the world. The point is to change it. ” Unknown/traditional


Alternative names that didn’t fly

  • wordosphere
  • bookosphere
  • datasphere
  • egosphere

Went for “inkosphere” because of the “drowning in ink” connotations and because it has a nice retro-feel, for all those folks who grew up before the Interwebz, with dead tree format.  Don’t like it? “Byte me”

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