How long will this go on? Until it doesn’t. But “we” won’t stop it… (Cut and paste a Twitter DM)

I have smart friends. Some of them are on Twitter (for now) We DM. See below, of me and VSF (Very Smart Friend)

Me: how are you doing? Shit is fucked up, isn’t it, to use the academic language…

1:28 PM

Very Smart Friend: How far can political reality stretch from physical reality?

1:40 PM

Me: all the way. all the way to the end of human civ. .So, in other words, a couple of decades or so…

1:41 PM

VSF: Its so bizzare

1:41 PM

Me:Don’t forget how few of the pundit class have any scientific training. And how comforting it is to believe there are literally no limits. The physical world just becomes an inexhaustible resource. There are no consequences for vandalism It’s very VERY comforting. And if you start to talk about limits, you get kicked out of the rich “sensible” people’s club, and become an eco-loon hairshirtist luddite who wants everyone to starve to death.



Me: So, ignorance mixed with very VERY strong incentives to stay ignorant. And from the other end, well, are social movements much better? Trapped in different but comparable myths of redemption/rightness,

Doing their shitty shitty events (like the one where you and I first met), displaying their virtue, giving grifters a chance to preen and turn everyone else into ego-fodder. Then a march, then a petition. Then a protest No movement building, just constant mobilisation

So, Newton’s second law of motion or whichever one – it will continue until something stops it. Eventually, the collapse of the systems we rely on WILL stop it, sure.

1:44 PM

VSF: have you seen Chris Wright et al’s new book?

1:45 PM

Me: No, link please.


Organising Responses to Climate Change

I think its a great synthesis#

See also Stein’s Law

2 thoughts on “How long will this go on? Until it doesn’t. But “we” won’t stop it… (Cut and paste a Twitter DM)

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  1. And on and on it goes. Recently I’ve offered a few local activist orgs my time to help them learn to lobby effectively (so they have the same knowledge the rich already use to influence political processes and outcomes). Work on developing strategic, targeted objectives, building networks to act collaboratively, how to effectively write to media and politicians with achievable asks, etc. None have taken me up on the offer. They want to organise street protests, feel good about themselves, then complain about not being listened to. It’s infuriating.

    1. You threaten them, I think. The offer, from someone who is, after all, only a woman, would force them out of their comfort zones. It would force them to try to gain incremental improvements (booooooooooooooooooring) when there is a REVOLUTION to proclaim/cosplay. Learning new skills, maybe not being as good at them, the pecking order unclear and perhaps changed…. nope, far better to just not take you up on the offer. Big hug!!

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