Of Jason Bourne, Climate Change and public awareness – “You have no idea what you are into here.”

The Bourne Ultimatum remains one of the best thriller movies of all-time (with almost the emotional punch of the film that came before – The Bourne Supremacy).

Early on, amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne meets up – at Waterloo station – with a journalist who has grabbed hold of a piece of the cover story and is pulling on a loose thread.

Bourne quizzes him, realises that the journalist is in way over his head.

And he warns “You have no idea what you are into here. These people will kill you if they have to.”

In a movie full of memorable moments, this one (along with “it gets easier” has stuck with me.

Today, I was listening to people in the cafe where I go because they haven’t given me the wifi code, so I can get some work done without the usual distractions.

It is a lovely cheap and cheerful “local” cafe. No airs, graces – basic menu, not part of a franchise etc etc. And – I assume, “ordinary” people go there.

And these ordinary people were talking about how warm it is at the moment. And making relatively disparaging comments about climate protestors

And – I won’t go into detail, because it’s not fair – the person I talked to as I was leaving, seemed to have no real knowledge of just how serious the situation is. They seemed to think that it was something for the distant future (40 years or more).

This is the result of a tremendous failure of the British State since 1988 to educate the populace about the basic facts. It is a failure of politicians, civil servants. It is a failure of NGOs, a failure of social movement organisations.

Yes, on some level – on some level – a lot of people know there is trouble ahead. But what kind(s) of trouble, and what is really meant by “ahead” – of that I am not so sure.

We have no idea what we are into here… And those of us who do, are terrified.

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