Of COVID, Cohen and… collapse?

Short post because – the clue is in the title – I finally got COVID, two and a half years after it began. I think I am on the mend, slowly but this could be a false dawn, and anyway, the real danger – as smart people have warned me – is that you try to do too much too soon (macho schmuckery etc) and relapse, end up with a dose of the ol’ long COVID. Which sounds like even less fun.

Cohen – that lyric “love’s the only engine of survival” – yup. Damn this species could have done so much better. Oh well.

Collapse – I think the physical consequences of our wilful use of the atmosphere as an open sewer are, well, ‘baked in’. As in Baked Alaska and baked everywhere else. IF we deployed intelligence and love as engines of survival) what came next wouldn’t have to be such a horrendoma. But we won’t,, at least going on current trajectories. So it will.

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