Planet of the planet-trashing apes, and I am scared af

I read this tweet.

And I think about how worse-than-useless our education system and media systems are (for lots of reasons, some of them probably pretty intractable, not that we ever really tried to tract them).  And how we are not joining the dots between the energy and food crises and just how bad it will get in the short-term, let alone the medium… (hat-tip to Martin Lewis though – the man is not going to die wondering if he gave it his all).

Oh well, “fun while it lasted.” If you can call it that…  “Didn’t we almost have it all?” I guess that is the horror – “we” took a perfectly good planet and we absolutely trashed it.  We are planet-killing monkeys and it didn’t need to be like this,  but now it is fundamentally fucking broken. It’s not that we deliberately dropped the vase, but we covered it and our hands in Vaseline and threw it higher and higher while swigging oil and then act all surprised and aggrieved when one time we drop it and it smashes into shards, despite other people – scientists, other people with a share in the vase etc – literally begging us to grow the fuck up and be careful.  And now here we are.

I know “monkeys” is politically regressive, and that baboons have culture etc – Sapolsky blah blah. I am not trying to shift the blame onto our genetics or original sin.  Or am I?  Is it “the enlightenment”  that screwed everything up? Ah, but the animists and pagans trashed shit too. Let’s not get all Operation Golden Age/state of nature blah blah harmony blah blah.

Ugh. I do not know. I am finishing paragraphs with blah blah a lot. Tailing away, unsure of more and more.

I am not thinking straight. Or rather, I cannot kid myself – as I perhaps have in the past –  that my thinking is straight. Why? Don’t know: Introspection illusion applies. But I suspect it is because I am scared af, confused, angry (mostly with myself, but with plenty left over for those ‘in charge’) and hot.  And scared. Did I mention scared af?

Ever-gladder that I didn’t breed- parents with young bairns must have it so much worse. But I do get the feeling that the not-having-bred thing is going to be cold (hot) comfort in the coming years. And by years, I do not mean decades.

Let’s try to look after each other, I guess?

2 thoughts on “Planet of the planet-trashing apes, and I am scared af

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  1. Feeling very very sad as one who did breed some beautiful young people who deserve so much better than this horror

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