Did you exchange a walk on part in the war…

for the lead role in a cage.

Yeah. Probably I did. Didn’t you? Didn’t we all? Or most of us at least.

Somewhere between the Scylla of egomania/unfettered narcissism and the Charybdis of slave morality/abnegation for its own sake, lies… what exactly?

Strutting and fretting our hour upon the burning platform, as we see our worst instincts amplified and exaggerated in the funfair mirrors that the theme park of “radical activism” (tm Ingolfur Bluhdorn) allow us to hold up to ourselves.

We have our smugospheres, our emotacycles, our cosplay of dissidence and they all add up to … what, exactly?

And we pretend to (want to know) what is going on, but the truth, oh, humans can only bear a very little bit of truth. Give me a convenient lie every single time. The truth will really not set you free, whatever you’ve been told to believe. We shrink and shirk back into the narratives of redemption or salvation…

Don’t worry, it’s just the G&T talking. But seriously, what a species we are… The gap between what we could be, and the exceptionally grim reality of what we ARE. Individually, sure, it was ever thus I guess. But collectively? Even more woeful.

Still, it will be over soon enough, I guess. And, you know,

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