Quarantine Day 13 – counting the hours now

The days really are bleeding into each other now. I saw humans in the flesh for only about the fourth time in two weeks, when two came to stick a cotton bud down my gob.

I read, I exercised, I wrote a blog about what I’d read.

I worked (not as much as I had promised myself, of course).

I read a great piece about Twitter as brain parasite. “You Really Need to Quit Twitter.”

I watched some “Australian Ninja” or whatever it is called: people with formidable upper body strength trying to negotiate a bunch of obstacles as other people shout and scream as if it were the Hunger Games.

I slept a bit

I, um… tried to watch a Doctor Who episode called “Thin Ice” but fell asleep for most of it – not a reflection on it though, it seemed rather good!

Um… I …um… watched Mr Federer get marmelised in the quarter final of Wimbledon.

I did a job application. #longshot

And now, as I type this, Denmark has scored a goal!!

I get out on Friday.

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