Quarantine Day 10 – getting out?! (of Australia, that is)… #catastrophising

Little to report. Sleep patterns still, um, interesting.

Was awake for Federer’s four-set victory, and then again for the England four goal victory starting at four thirty.

Watched “Insiders” at 830. Nobody could be bothered to point out that Scotty from Marketing is just lifting Dan Andrews’ ideas and re-badging them.

A LibSpill is possible. Will Simon Birmingham (today’s slippery guest, dodging the bullets and landmines of the car parks rorts etc etc) be the “Stop Dutton” candidate? Who knows?

Read my anthropology quota.

Phone call from mater, about where things are up to, rough plans for Friday.

Phone call from nurse “Marc Hudson, [dob] no physical symptoms, no mental symptoms. I’m fine.” Pause and laughter and goodbye.

Next time the phone went I picked up and said “Hello officer, I’m fine.” “Thanks Marc,” came the reply.

Good to get these things done with, eh?

Did some exercise, had a shower, did a clothes wash.

Did some actual work.

Missed the start of “Singing in the Rain” and was going to pick it up, but the first advert break was so long (oh my god, is this what people put up with?) that I didn’t bother.

Pootled around on the internet, aimless-surfing but learning stuff nonetheless (Russian swearing – mat – is a thing: yob tvoyu mat…

Am I going to get out of Australia? Will Singapore Airlines even be flying to Adelaide in September?? Who knows… I can not do much (anything) about it…

Four more days…

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Day 10 – getting out?! (of Australia, that is)… #catastrophising

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  1. That’s my daughter’s concern too. Half the number of planes coming in = half the number of planes going out, so her return to work on time at the end of her short break with me is now in jeopardy.

    Margaret Lee

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