Quarantine Day Eight – reality nibbles

She’s not actually biting, but yeah, nibbling. The reality of “these four walls” for another 6 days (assuming I don’t get infected). First world problems and all that…

Couldn’t sleep (woke at 4pm. Lay in bed listening to the bloody BBC World Service, then got up

Read my quota from Introductory Readings in Anthropology and blogged it.

Indexed more Magpie newsletter while listening to ABC radio. Depressing af. But at least the plague is not upon us.

Did some juggling (just the one ball!) – practice getting the basics right – tossing the ball up to the right place…

Slept for about 45 minutes

Made a few more document wallet folders – (is this the simulacrum of organisation, or faking it until I make it? Who knows. Or cares).

Did a SUAW with Heather, to some usefulness. Wrote another section for The Latest Article..

Got a phone call from the cops, and after lunch one from a determinedly chatty public health person, who I think was underwhelmed by my answering-the-questions-before-being-asked thing.

After lunch I did a bunch of theraband exercises, deltoids, pecs, lats etc… Slept a bit, but it didn’t help. Gave up on trying to be creative and just did grunt work for which fully-awake neurons were not required.

Here we are.

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