Quarantine Day Seven: Hump Day

Half way there, and had a half way decent sleep for about half the night. Woke up at five, non-groggy. Read six extracts from an anthropology book, as you do (blogged here).

Did some more indexing of the wonderful “Magpie” newsletter of the Manchester Wildlife group while listening to ABC radio Adelaide, which had the Premier (Steve Marshall), the chief medical officer (Nicola Spurrier) and the top plod (Grant Stevens) giving separate interviews. Each was reasoned, cautious, informative and, without wanting to fanboy or ignore other stuff, well, grown-ups. None has been massively over-promoted. None is a flailing moron. Stark contrast with the Federal scene…

Did a “Shut Up and Write” (SUAW) with my good friend Heather. We will do them pretty much every day, in quarantine and beyond. I then unwisely curtailed that and went to a so-so webinar about a new book “Who gets to be smart“. I mean, it was fine (my expectations too high?) but there was no real cat-belling, and a relatively unimaginative format. Nobody said Gramsci. Nobody said Bourdieu.

Trust me, on the subject of class/race/gender and the school system as systemic filtering/winnowing/entrenching the privilege of spoilt inadequate rich white boys, this below is the dog’s bo… it’s very good.

Did some exercise (theraband). The cops and the public health folks called virtually simultaneously – I assured the former I was indeed still in the room, and gave the latter the info they needed (name, date of birth, no physical symptoms, no mental health symptoms/needs) in triple quick time, to their evident amusement.


Phone call from Mental health folks with a list of “in the last month”/Likert scale questions. How can you talk about NOT being anxious/depressed etc if you are a moderately intelligent human being paying even a moderate amount of attention to the shit that is going down? I mean, holy shit have you seen the Canadian heatwave? Can you not see that shit ramifying, repeating, amplifying, intensifying every year from here to eternity? (insert vasectomy gloat here).

Anyway, the answering of their questions made me realise how privileged am, over and above this being my second go at quarantine and how I came equipped. Also, as per HS- I chose it, I know (more or less) when it is going to end etc came equipped.

My wonderful friend Heather not only SUAWed but also dropped around more supplies.

I got right into it by watching a juggling video and then practiced

I worked.

I did some “43 folders” stuff

I slept

I zoomed with the wife.


I just read good piece applying Gramsci to the MLP/Sustainability Transitions, by Ford and Newell, will blog after The Good Fight.

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