GroundCop Day, over and over again. COP6, COP26, whatever.

The year is 2048. COP46, delayed twice already because of the ongoing Covid-43 pandemic, is due to take place in the Dutch archipelago. Activists are encouraging everyone to join in a canoe flotilla to shout at the plutocrats and securocrats as they meet to discuss who is going to get what compensation (nobody and nothing) for the recent failed geo-engineering efforts. These had turned out to be little more than trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Meanwhile…

Ah, look, this. We have been here so many times before. Recently my colleague Adam Peirce published a piece (I helped draft it) about COP26 and why the group we are part of, Climate Emergency Manchester, is steering well clear.

The other thing that might amuse/horrify/bore/bewilder/whatever is this stuff below, from a friend’s personal archive…

There used to be a climate group, Rising Tide. Within the context of lots of environmental direct action (roads protests, GM crops etc) they were focussed on climate. I forget now whether the UK lot folded before or after Climate Camp 2006, but certainly a lot of the personnel were around.

Here are some images of their propaganda. The climate reality one is a reference to The Matrix, which was a Big Deal around that time. The last thing is a Critical Mass (of which more later) held in Manchester, of which I have absolutely no recollection at all. But someone, at least, was trying to help people draw the links between local pollution and global problems…

An A6 leaflet (i.e. A5 double-sided landscape, folded in half)

The Matrix one

And the Critical Mass leaflet…

I am sitting on a huge amount of scanned images now, and intend to build a searchable by issue/date website. If you have stuff in the proverbial document wallet in a box in the attic, please do get in touch…

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