Books I definitely didn’t buy at a Barnado’s in Levy a while back, and why I bought them

Went to visit a friend in darkest Stockport a while back. On the way back, I was dragged by mysterious forces into a charity shop. Here’s a table of all the books I definitely didn’t buy, how much I didn’t pay for each (they were all 25p), and comments on why I didn’t buy them. Fascinating!

International War An Athology and Study Guide by Melvin Small and J. David Singer Will go with my Gwynne Dyer and other war stuff. Have dipped in- there is good stuff (indiv soldier and death)
Beyond Fear by Dorothy Rowe Ozzie shrink/thinker. Comes rated.
Build your resilience by Donald Robertson25p. What’s to lose?
Resources and Man: Committee on Resources and Man National Academy of Sciences.Always fascinated at how environmental issues were (not) talked about in the late 60s, by who and how…
Changing the Past by Thomas Berger Looks fun. Had been reading about Berger, oddly
In between the Sheets by Ian McEwan McEwan. Short Stories. What’s not to love
The Archer Files by Ross Macdonald (ed Tom Nolan)Like Macdonald. Noir!
Hard Revolution by George Pelecanos See above
Brixmis: The Untold exploits of Britain’s most daring cold war spy mission by Tony Geraghty See war thing. Sucker for this stuff…
The Mournful Demeanor of Lieutenant Boruvka by Joseph Skvorecky Detective stories, pomo etc.
Short Sharp Shock by Kim Stanley Robinson Have read some of his other stuff, liked it.

And the plan is to review em all. No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

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