“Quality” media ignoring #climate change during heatwaves

Just watched a good five plus minutes of the ABC news. After the COVID stuff there was coverage of heatwaves in South Australia and elsewhere. Temperatures of 45, 46 degrees.

Warnings about swimming with friends etc.

No context of how the Bureau of Meteorology has had to add two new colours to the weather maps.

No context of this being entirely predicted by climatologists and meteorologists as part of what was going to happen if we didn’t do sothing about BURNING ALL THE FUCKING COAL OIL AND GAS WE COULD.

No context of Australia being a major fossil fuel exporter while also having had the potential to be a renewable energy superpower.

Just treating the end of the world as a human interest story.


Yes, yes, probably should not “shout” or “swear” because “career-something-something”…

Holy mother of god this species is dumb as a rock, and utterly determined to fry itself.

And it will kill billions of other animals on this planet. It will commit cosmic levels of biocice, ecocide etc.

One thought on ““Quality” media ignoring #climate change during heatwaves

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  1. I had wondered at the time whether the new colours should be named (like hurricanes). Maybe ‘denialist purple’ and ‘exxon magenta’ but then it’s hard to reduce this whole sorry mess to just 2 factors.

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