Any other kicks to the nuts, 2020? In the next 8 weeks? Asking for a friend…

3 billion animals killed in the Australian fires.

Economic and psychological devastation from Covid lockdowns

Trump-ism stronger (whether he wins or loses this election – the closeness of it means whatever happens, more bad shit happens.)

Climate “action” (always a feeble joke) even more stalled. The ex-participants in so-called “social movements” having learnt that “activism” is all about turning up for physical discomfort, endorphins and media attention and then pissing off home when the death spiral kicks in.

What 2020 has told us, as have many other years, is that the “old” system was corrupt, bankrupt, deadly to billions (of humans and of other species). But the new world, struggling, seems still-born. There just don’t seem to be the historical agents able to act, to co-ordinate.

I’ve thought since 1991 that our species wouldn’t a) respond at the right speed and scale to climate and b) it would all end in a hell of a lot of tears. I “predicted” in 2006 that 2020 would be the “wake up” moment.

But, yeah, 2020, any advance notice on other kicks to the nutsack you have planned?

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