Thoughts on lunching out

It’s interesting about lunching out, isn’t it? Because if the reason that you’re lunching out, is that you’re having a mental health crisis – anxiety, depression, etc – all of which are entirely rational response to the shitstorm that we’re in, then you’re probably not able to stomach having to admit to someone else that you’re not going to be able to deliver on something.

Because the syllogism goes

  • We are in the shit.
  • I have made a commitment to a group of people that is trying to get us all out of the shit.
  • However, it now turns out that that commitment – if I try to achieve it – will put me personally in the shit even more.
  • If I don’t do it, it leaves the group in the shit. And it reveals that I am somehow a weak or bad person (no it doesn’t actually).

And so whatever you do, there’s no path out. All the options are shitty… And in that situation, people tend to perseverate.

Because it’s not about what other people will think of you when you say that you’re not going to do something. Ultimately, a large chunk of it is what what you think about yourself, what you have to say to yourself about yourself.

So not lunching stuff out – if it’s being lunched out, because you’re freaking out rather than you just rather watch more Game of Thrones or you’re lazy – is actually a hell of a challenge


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