“Concerned Markets”

“Geiger et al. (2014) use the term ‘‘concerned markets’’ to refer to situations in which controversies set in motion an ongoing dynamic of criticisms and justifications during which actors tap into different explanations or principles of justice and thereby negotiate the construction of a shared world.”
(Blanchet  and Depeyre, 2016: 42)

Blanchet, V.  and Depeyre, C. 2016. Exploring the Shaping of Markets through Controversies: Methodological Propositions for Macromarketing Studies . Journal of Macromarketing. Vol. 36, (1), pp. 41-53.

Geiger, Susi, Debbie Harrison, Hans Kjellberg, and Alexandre Mallard (2014), ‘‘Being Concerned about Markets,’’ in Concerned Markets. Economic Ordering for Multiple Values, Susi Geiger, Debbie Harrison, Hans Kjellberg, and Alexandre Mallard, eds. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 1-18.


Yeah, I suppose markets can move in and out of being concerned, as issues rise and fall (or are risen and are fallen/pushed etc etc.)  If only there were a dialectical way of thinking about issue life cycles that wasn’t…. well, that would be impolitic…

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