“Stay safe”?! White Privilege, #brexit and WTAF

I know a young Malaysian woman.  We bumped into each other this evening, me three pints in.  There was of course only one possible topic of conversation.

As we parted, I said “stay safe”.

WTAF, that I have to say that?  I have a hijabi friend who is going to be living in London, and I worry about her.  I have (a few) BME friends. I worry about them.  Sooner or later, as a ‘leftist’ I will perhaps have to worry about myself.  WTAF.

How to be an ally?

Well, knowing that this fear and uncertainty is something something that BME people have already been living with for a Very. Long. Time is a start.


On the Hideous Whiteness Of Brexit: “Let us be honest about our past and our present if we truly seek to dismantle white supremacy”


This. White Skin Privilege Explained on everyday feminsim

This. Explaining White Skin Privilege to a Broke White Person.

This. Straight Allies, White Anti-Racists, Male Feminists (and Other Labels That Mean Nothing to Me)
WTAF?  Is it actually “what just actually happened?” or is it “(how) have I been so blind for so long?”

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