Advocacy Coalitions Framework – a video

The “Advocacy Coalition Framework” is a very useful tool for researching and thinking about how public policy does – or doesn’t – change, especially on really contentious issues.  It looks at how groups of actors that have enough in common bond together to try to get all/most of what they want.  I’d heartily recommend you read more on it, if politics is ‘your thing’;  Paul Cairney’s 1000 word essay is a very good place to start. 

Here’s a rough video I made about it.  It’s been too long since I was making politics/sociology concept videos, and I plan to do more, starting with “punctuated equilibrium” theory and “policy streams”.

Other further viewing

Another video on the topic.

Other reading:
Advocacy Coalition Framework Overview

Policy Studies Journal Vol 39, no 3 (2011) is a special issue. The introduction is dead handy.

See also A Guide to the Advocacy Coalition Framework by Christopher Weible and Paul Sabatier.

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