Star Wars non-review. Good links

I was going to review Star Wars The Farce Awakens. Actually can’t be bothered.  Here below are the links I had accumulated that were pretty cool.

The wife liked it, but then she has had years of practice at keeping her expectations reaaaallllly low.

Retro-futures and lack of imagination

On the gender dynamic and here.

What type of twisted fantasy world does George Lucas live in where dudes just spend all day whacking their long, cylindrical swords together without any women nearby? Wait. Don’t answer that.

And push back against TFA as feminist from those clods at the National Review.

The best of all, though, is a review of the first three films (as in 1977 to 1983) by a guy called Jonathan Rosenbaum!!


The Luke Skywalker twitter feed is worth a look, if you like that sort of thing.

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