Need a venue for a meeting in #Manchester? Madlab

Madlab is back! The Northern Quarter venue (‘here be hipsters’ say the old maps. The new maps say ‘here be more hipsters’) has been tarted up from industrial grime to post-industrial sleek without losing its essential charm.
They’ve done away with the rickety stairs (bloody health and safety gone … sane), left the exposed beams in the loft, and got rid of a big pillar in the middle of the ground floor (It was load-bearing, but don’t worry, the roof won’t fall in. Probably.)
It’s got, as is obligatory, some exposed brickwork, and some funky zig-zag lighting, and nice big windows so you can hipster-watch (did I mention the Northern Quarter has been hipsterised?)
Most of all, the staff are friendly and keen to help. It’s venues and endeavours like Madlab that make Manchester vibrant and interesting. If you’re planning an event, or you have a group that needs a meeting space, then you should give them a lookIMG_8150_sm. There is already a seriously long list of seriously interesting groups meeting there.

PS there’s a Manchester hackathon happening at MOSI next weekend (24-25th October).

PPS Nope, not paid to do this. I used Madlab as a venue back in the day, attended some other stuff. Glad to see it back. May use it for a January 2016 meeting with the provisional title “what can we learn from 10 years of unrelenting and escalating failure to build a UK climate movement”.  The title needs a little work…

One thought on “Need a venue for a meeting in #Manchester? Madlab”

  1. And if you like the new look Madlab and need something similarly stylish implemented with a firm commitment to sustainability (in both materials and energy use) then contact (full website due soon) who undertook the Madlab retrofit.

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