talktalk is jokejoke – phoned me back to hassle me?!

Lord give me strength.

Talktalk is one of these useless companies that sells TV broadband, mobile and phone.

I am sure they massively underpay their sales drones. And probably overpay their advertising agency. And their directors, of course.

I simply phoned up to ask them to tell them to stop wasting their money and my time sending junk mail addressed to someone who has not lived here for 13 years.

After minutes on their so-called ‘intelligent call-guiding’ or whatever it is marketed as, I finally got through to a human.

I am sure she is a nice person. I apologised in advance for my exasperation, said it was not aimed at her. She said she couldn’t do the change. Then took all my details, told me I would have to wait two or three minutes to speak to someone else because she was in sales. I said no, I had already wasted enough of my time. Hung up.

She phoned back!!!! I asked to speak to her supervisor. She didn’t put me through. I hung up again.

It was all recorded, and will make a wonderful training call for them, no doubt. I should bill the turds.

And, no doubt, I’ll be getting more junk mail from these numbskulls.

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