Fairy tale endings or “best PhD distraction yet!!!”

What a brilliant afternoon/evening!! Cheap wine (monopolised), super-smart people who forgave (?) my failure to have read the Sleeping Beauty version and the Bettelheim exegesis. All lubricated with people’s digressions on consent and cups of tea, Jack Halberstam and much more.

This fun was at the second “Reading Folk” group meeting. Will I be at the third? Unless the pending ecological debacle intervenes, yes. And, dates willing, I’ll take the wife…. And will be better prepped (apols again…)

Things I have to read
Marina Warner “Once Upon a Time”

Things I should relook at
Tom Lehrer’s Ancient Oirish Ballad (written a few years ago)
Ariadne as a “womjep” archetype
An essay about pictures/objects of desire (Barthes inspired? More details needed!)
Van Gennep and liminal states
Charles Lyell and the age of t’planet
Neil Gaiman “Snow Glass Apples” (described as the creepiest thing ever written)
Angela Carter “The Bloody Chamber
2011 film “Hanna” that I loathed but was almost certainly reading incorrectly.
Elisabeth Harrower “The Watchtower”
More on Bettelheim
More on Primo Levi (natch)
More on Jorge Semprun (also natch)

How I will try to justify/shoe-horn in to my PhD

Fairy Tales are, in part, about the dangers of our desires, and how you should be really careful what you wish for/look the gift horse in the mouth with the help of a veterinarian dentist.

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