Writing goals Week 2, 2015 (Jan 12th to Jan 18th)

Directly relevant to PhD

a) 2500 words on the coming of climate change awareness in Australia (1987 to 1990) – who, how, why; and the response from coal interests.

Indirectly relevant to PhD

b) 10 “All Our Yesterdays” posts allouryesterdays.net

“Don’t get it write, get it written.”

From week 1:

2500 words on “capsule biographies” of lobby groups“proxies” in the (Australian) coal wars –  DONE

Indirectly relevant to PhD

2500 words on “the Road to Toronto” – state, corporate and public responses to/awareness of climate change in the USA and Australia up to June 1988’s “Changing Atmosphere” conference .  If only to get the history jones out of my system.  SORT OF DONE (But not to my own satisfaction)

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