Funfair mirrors and the strength to see?

Boff. There is that line in the film “Bull Durham” – let me google that for me –

“The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self-awareness.

Stuff has been going on of late (I have reasons for being elliptical) that got me into a more (lopy) ruminative mood than usual. And thinking about all the opportunities to, um, learn, that I have wilfully (interesting word, that) missed.

And sure, there will be more of those.; it seems to be who we are, I think, for, well, reasons.

We see ourselves in funfair mirrors, by necessity, and take the distortion as a reason to dismiss what we are seeing.

Cats. Cats have it nailed, I think. At least the three who have convinced Dr Wifey and myself to keep them in cat food and worming pills do.

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