Gig review: TV Smith in #Manchester 24 May

There are obvious signs that the species, far from being ‘sapiens‘ (wise) is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Item the first: ignoring climate scientists and biologists for the last three decades (or more), and continuing to burn fossil fuels as if there were, um, no tomorrow.

Item the second: building up nuclear weapons that can never be ‘used’ (though they do of course run a nice line in intimidation and keeping the owners of the bomb making factories in hookers and cocaine) to the level where we could turn the planet to a crisp many many times over, and might do so if there’s a flock of geese or an asteroid shower or a hemorrhoid in power.

Item the third: the fact that a singer of the brilliance, wit, passion and literacy of TV Smith plays to relatively small crowds in small venues. What the actual fuck is wrong with you, humans? You have a man of extraordinary talent playing songs with killer lyrics (the verbal dexterity is extraordinary) about life, love, loss, despair, the depredations of capitalism and ‘the system’ and you don’t even turn up?! Srsly.

For the record: TV Smith, with a 40 year back catalogue (and all of it fresh) ripped out 25 or so of his brilliant tracks tonight at Aatma. He started with a request (from me) – March of the Giants, and rattled through old ones (Tomahawk Cruise), brand new ones (they’re good), fairly new ones (I Delete, On Replay) and everything in between (Expensive being poor, Gary Gilmour’s Eyes, New Church, The Lion and the Lamb, Atlantic Tunnel). The trademark competence, energy, verve, guts and humour were on display. A great night, basically.


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