Explicit writing goal, week 001 (Oct 5th 2014)

Reading through notes taken in induction week, there’s a wonderful bit of advice – the people who do well tend to be the ones who work hard (that’s easy) and who set explicit weekly goals (not easy).

Here’s my first weekly goal.  Ask me how it went…

I am going to write 3500 words which map out a narrative (which is more than a timeline!), with peaks and troughs/accelerations and slowdowns for the period 1988 to 2014 re climate change
– Longitudinal, periods over time, contrasts over time (what needs to be explained)
– Some of the “dirty politics” of what fossil fuel/allies lobbies have done.


Drawing the threads together

Ariadne wanted to weave a tale to get her man safe out of the maze…

I could do with an Ariadne watching over me, but then couldn’t we all.  This will have to do.

This site is going to be big, and will occasionally be clever, if only because I will be writing about clever people’s clever ideas.

The purpose is so I – and anyone who wants – can keep track of the various projects and efforts that I’m undertaking…

How often will I blog?  Well, I will *write* every day.  But that’s not to say that I will hit that tempting blue publish button every day…

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