“Incumbent actors as niche agents”

Späth, P., Rohracher, H., and von Radecki, A., 2016. Incumbent actors as niche agents: the German car industry and the taming of the “Stuttgart E-mobility region”. Sustainability, 8 (3), 252. doi:10.3390/su8030252      I read this for more on the "how incumbents behave" question, and it didn't disappoint. As folks (including in articles I've read this month)... Continue Reading →

“Green ideology: A discursive reading”

Another one of non-specific/instrumentalist "use" to my overarching project. I came to this - Stavrakakis, Y. (1997). Green ideology: A discursive reading. Journal of Political Ideologies, 2, 259–279 via the fab paper on BP and hegemonisation I read a little while ago. In it Stavrakakis uses some Lacan (really not my cup of tea) and... Continue Reading →

Article 20 of 20 – “The green state and industrial decarbonnisation”

Another excellent read in what is CLEARLY the best journal, or at least, the one with the most brilliant, charismatic and downright amazing social media editor... Hildingsson, R., Annica Kronsell & Jamil Khan (2019) The green state and industrial decarbonnisation, Environmental Politics, 28:5, 909-928, DOI: 10.1080/09644016.2018.1488484   And the abstract is This is absolutely FULL of the kind... Continue Reading →

Article 18 of 20 – “Fueling Climate (In)Action: How organizations engage in hegemonization to avoid transformational action on climate change”

Another corker! BP has turned up already in my 20 articles reading (see Nye and Owens 2008)- where it was leading the charge against a climate change levy). And they've been up to their necks in pushing "personal carbon footprints." In this Ferns, G. Kenneth Amaeshi  2019. Fueling Climate (In)Action: How organizations engage in hegemonization... Continue Reading →

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