“You might say that; I couldn’t possibly comment…”

A comment under this rather excellent review of a good sounding book about intellectual women (Arendt, Sontag, Didion and that crowd) and 'toughness/emotional labour." Heartless women and men—in academia, the professions, and life in general—appear cold, frightened and thus defensive, and often near panic. The very opposite of what one expects from a seasoned, focused,... Continue Reading →

“The making of a petrol station” #Afterthethesis

The making of a petrol station and the “on-the-move consumer”: Classification devices and the shaping of markets Frank Azimonta, , , Luis Araujob, Industrial Marketing Management Volume 39, Issue 6, August–September 2010, Pages 1010–1018 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.indmarman.2010.06.020 Abstract This paper addresses the issue of classification devices and their role in shaping markets. We depart from the notion... Continue Reading →

“Concerned Markets”

"Geiger et al. (2014) use the term ‘‘concerned markets’’ to refer to situations in which controversies set in motion an ongoing dynamic of criticisms and justifications during which actors tap into different explanations or principles of justice and thereby negotiate the construction of a shared world." (Blanchet  and Depeyre, 2016: 42) Blanchet, V.  and Depeyre,... Continue Reading →

Mythical Mail Weight and Localness

For the benefit of those lucky enough not to know (living outside the UK), the Daily Mail is a particularly horrific tabloid newspaper.  One of its many vile repertoires is to police the bodies of celebrities (mostly, but not entirely) the female ones. If a celebrity under the gaze of the Mail gains a couple... Continue Reading →

On the mental costs of case study research…

Here's something that can't go in my methodology chapter, cos it's too special-plea-dy.  True nonetheless. “In actuality, the demands of a case study on a person’s intellect, ego, and emotions are far greater than those of any other research strategy. This is because the data collection procedures are not routinized.” (Yin, 1994:55)

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